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How to use a Humane Trap!


What you need:

- Trap

- Bait (tuna in a can or packet works well)

- Newspaper

- Towel, Sheet or Blanket





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First, you will need a trap.  

Make sure you get one that is designated for cats.  The best kind has a rear door (see image 1b), which makes things a lot easier.  

Set the trap near where the cats hang around, or where you feed them.  Make sure it's on a flat surface, and sheltered from the elements (sun, rain, snow, et cetera).





Not all traps utilize the same mechanisms, so yours might be different than the one I am using.

To open the front door of this Tomahawk trap, I need to lift a little bar (2a) and then push the front-most door back.  When it's pushed back I pull up the front and back part of the door as far as they can go (2b).





This type of trap has a little hook which holds the door open (3a).  

Locate the hook and pull it forward.  Hold it forward while you lower the door onto it (3b).  The door should now be adequately suspended.



Take some newspaper and fold it so that it will fit easily over the floor of the trap.

Line the bottom of the trap with the newspaper (4a).  Make sure the entire floor is covered and that the newspaper isn't going up the sides.  Extend the newspaper outside of the trap by a foot or two (4b).

The point of the newspaper is to make the treadle look less obvious.





Now it's time to bait the trap.

Open your can of tuna (or whatever you're using) and dribble some of the juice on the newspaper going into the trap (5a).  I've used popcorn kernels in place of tuna to illustrate.  This will entice the cats into the trap.

Place a few small chunks of the tuna on the newspaper going up into the trap.  Toss a few further back in.

Open the rear door of the trap.

Place a good amount of the bait as far back as possible (5b).








Secure the rear door (6a).

Your trap is now ready to go.  Make sure you stay far enough away from the trap as to not disturb the cats.  Make sure you do not leave the trap unattended for an extended period of time (more than an hour or so) especially in a hot or cold situation.  Do not leave the trap unattended at all if there are other people around.

You should cover the trap with a blanket or towel (6b) after setting the trap, or throw one over it after a cat is trapped.  This will help calm down cats who have been trapped (they will definitely freak out.)





Where to buy humane traps:  ACES, Tomahawk, Wildlife Traps, Tru-Catch













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