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Yes "Kitten Season" is upon us but we only have the adoptable cats and kittens that are on our website, which is updated daily.  Please do not fill out an application for a kitten or cat that is not on our website by name if you are looking to adopt right away.  The kittens in our program that are not listed are just newborns and will be at least a month or two before they are available.  This changes daily so keep checking the website daily!!!  

Kittens are messy and can eat a lot while they are growing, meaning FRA is always in need of food and supplies! If you would love to help, please take a look at our kitten wish list. 

Juliet's Story: Click here to read the heartwarming tale of how Juliet and Lauren were meant to be. 

The Adventures of Otitis - by Molly Lichtenwalner and Jessica Nicholson

Former FRA cat Otitis is the star of his very own children's book! Check out our article in the FRA News section to read more about his story including how to purchase this book for yourself!

*Images property of Molly Lichtenwalner*


We adopt out to residents of the state of Maryland, we do not do out of state adoptions. 

*The Feline Rescue Association reserves the right to decline or not accept any application based on the information we've received or are given during the approval process and up to signing the adoption contract, with no explanation to the applicant. Information received during the approval process is considered confidential. The right to decline an adoption is at the sole discretion of FRA and/or FRA's representatives.*