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Juliet's Story -- Saturday March 13th, 2021

"My name is Lauren and I am a FRA foster/foster failure. Some of you may remember me from taking Molly, the cancer feral kitty in. Since losing Molly, I have not had a foster, my heart needed time to heal. That was until I saw sweet Juliet. Juliet was found on the streets in Baltimore, cold, alone and scared. She literally walked up to her rescuer and asked to be saved. Clearly she was not a feral kitty, her owners didn’t want her and let her go to be a street cat. This poor girl was flea infested and only had 4 (rotting) teeth left in her mouth.  With generous donations and help from Show Your Soft Side , we were able to get  her in for a dental to remove her teeth and the infection . During her recovery time , I t ru ly fell  more in love with her. To the  poin t where I knew I wouldn’t be able to let  her go, therefore, I foster failed, again...  I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with a sweet street kitty with no teeth and a tongue that hangs out on the side. My sister and I call her a “blep” or a “derp”, all in good fun!! I have 2 other cats that start with the letter J, and it only seemed like it was meant to be! Or that FRA planned it (kidding!). Juliet is the sweetest most loving cat and deserves to live a life of being a pampered house cat. She is happy, healthy and thriving in my home! We are working on socializing her with the other kitties and dogs, but taking our time because she’s been through so much trauma and don’t want to stress her out. She is my little sassy little girl and I’m forever grateful to have the opportunity to be her mama!! Thank you FRA!"

Local Baltimore Veterinarian Performs 44 Spay & Neuters in One Day! -- Wednesday June 24th, 2020

A huge shout out and thank you to You’ll Never Walk Alone vet practice in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore! We coordinated a spay/neuter clinic (Tuesdays are dedicated rescue days) with Dr. Kip Imperato and his staff and they pulled this off without a hitch - 44 cats spayed and neutered in one day. FOURTY-FOUR! In addition to the 25+ last Tuesday!

For all of you that haven’t had the pleasure, Dr. Kip and his staff are just wonderful. They are are compassionate, friendly, and super knowledgeable. Our personal cats as well as fosters love coming here. The new space in the Can Company is beautiful, clean, and has plenty of parking! And best of all, your pets are treated like family. We’ve been through a lot of vets in the rescue business. And there are only a few that we will recommend without hesitation - this is one.

Special Pet Portraits by our very own Volunteers! -- Friday May 22nd, 2020

If you ever wanted a special portrait of your pet, the time is now! FRA volunteers have pledged to draw over 200 pet portraits this week in order to raise money for spay, neuter, and vetting for this year's dreaded kitten season! We have dozens of cats and kittens needing care. 

Getting one of these works of art made for your special kitty or pup is easy!

1. Use our Paypal or Network for Good donation buttons to give, with a $10 minimum donation per portrait.

2. Then, simply email your pet's picture to! 


As always, FRA thanks all of our friends and supporters for their commitment to the cats and kittens of Baltimore!

The Adventures of Otitis -- Wednesday May 13th, 2020

Many of our supporters/followers are new to FRA but you Ladies and Gents that have been following us for a while may remember 9 year old Otitis whose former owners surrendered him a little over 3 years ago after the cysts in his ears and the removal of his hearing organs made him deaf.

Otitis is the sweetest boy on earth and that is no lie! 3 years ago Molly Lichtenwalner who suffers from anxiety disorder saw Otitis and she immediately knew they were meant for each other and this sweet boy could not have asked for a better forever! Not only did Molly save Otitis but he saved her as well.

Otitis has his own children's book and a portion of the proceeds are donated to FRA in his honor!

Click here to purchase! (Also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!)

*Photo is property of Molly Lichtenwalner*

Support FRA by selling on eBay! -- Tuesday May 12th, 2020

Would you like to do some spring cleaning AND support the Feline Rescue Association, all at the same time? Well it's possible!

You can use our eBay charity page to put your items up for bid and choose a percentage that will go directly to FRA. These funds are used to provide both routine and emergency vet care to the cats and kittens in our rescue.

We thank you for any contribution you are able to make!

Commit to eat at MOD Pizza to raise money for the Feline Rescue Association -- Thursday February 27th, 2020

We are looking to have a fundraiser at MOD Pizza in Pikesville on Sunday, March 8th anytime between 10:30am-9:00pm. Why cook lunch or dinner when you're already losing an hour of sleep?

20% of your purchase proceeds will benefit the cats in our care so long as you mention us at checkout.

Please click HERE and then click "COMMIT TO EAT."